Group Therapy

Heal and Grow Together

“Am I the only one?”

When we suffer we can retreat and isolate from others. Without contact, things get worse and we end up feeling embarrassed and ashamed. “What is wrong with me?” “I’m so stupid, immature, selfish, (fill in the blank).” “I should just go live in the woods somewhere.”

Without connection, without a tribe, without a sense of belonging, we can experience:

What is Group Therapy?

Group therapy is a powerful way to reconnect with others and find out just how normal you are. Finding out that others share your experience, sympathize, and empathize with you is one of the most powerful therapeutic experiences we can have.

Women's Sexual Trauma Group

A trauma informed process group therapy for women who have experienced sexual violence at any stage of life. A safe and supportive environment. Clients will develop resiliency and move beyond surviving to thriving. Participants are asked to commit to the group for a minimum of ten (10) weeks in order to establish a safe and secure culture of support within the group. Group meets online on Saturdays, 10-11:30 AM. The cost is $45/session.

LGTBQIA+ Trauma and Sobriety Group

Part Process – Part Psychoeducation. Recovery is the process of coming home. Coming home to sanity. Coming home to a new way of life. Coming home to yourself. Many Recovery Groups are not structured for those in the LGBTQIA+ community, nor do they take into consideration the Trauma individuals have often faced. Participants are asked to commit to the group for a minimum of ten (10) weeks in order to establish a safe and secure culture of support within the group. The group meets online on Wednesday evenings, 7-8:30 PM. $50/session. 

Men's Group

There is nothing more powerful than a group of men holding space for one another. In this group, participants get a chance to receive support and connection with other men around issues including relationships, career, trauma, addictions, depression and anxiety. Led by Dr. Tickner, the group meets every other Tuesday night from 7pm-8:30pm and is limited in size to 10. The cost is $40-$50 per session and typically meets in runs of 8 or 10 meetings.

People Attending Self Help Therapy Group Meeting In Community Center
group therapy

You Are Not Alone!

Feel the powerful support of people who share your experience.

Experience Feeling Safe with Others

Experience giving and receiving care and compassion.

The Power of Empathy

The satisfying experience of making all the difference for someone else.

Tell Your Story

Feel known, seen and heard.

Men and women sitting in a circle and holding hands during group therapy.

Connect with the power of group therapy.

1. Reach Out!

Set up a free consultation with me. Let’s connect in real-time and see what group might be a good fit.

2. Join Us

Most groups meet every other week for about 90 minutes. You just show up, check in, and the magic happens.

3. Reap the Rewards

Relationships improve, self-esteem and quality of life increase, feel the powerful impact of empathy for yourself and the group. The realization that you are not alone is priceless!

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