Somatic Therapy

Unlock the Body’s Wisdom

“Why can’t I figure it out?”

Because it’s not in your head! It’s in your body. Most of the things that cause us suffering come from our earliest days. Back then, we didn’t have words, or memory, or control. Our brain was just forming. But the body remembers, and it holds the key to healing and recovery. 

Combining body and mind is a powerful way to:

The Body Holds the Key!

Somatic Therapy (body mind psychotherapy, body-oriented psychotherapy, etc.) is a holistic form of therapy that respects and utilizes the powerful connection between body, mind and spirit. How we are in this world, how we relate to ourselves and others, is not just purely about the mind or our thoughts, but is also deeply rooted in our bodies and our spirits. Unlike traditional talk therapy or cognitive therapy, Somatic Psychology tends to be more experiential.

Somatic Psychology has a long and rich history and is primarily derived from the theories and practices of Wilhelm Reich, a psychoanalyst and student of Sigmund Freud. Since that time, it has been influenced by existential, humanistic and gestalt psychology, dance, movement and art therapy, family and systems theory, biology, neurology, and Far Eastern philosophy and spirituality.

Individuals seek this form of treatment for similar reasons they might look to more traditional talk therapy, to address stress, anxiety, depression, relationship and sexuality issues, grief and loss, addictions, trauma including abuse recovery, as well as more purely medical reasons including pain, headaches, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Somatic Psychotherapy includes many different techniques that can be utilized depending on the specific needs of each client. Such interventions can include developing mindfulness and awareness of one’s physical presence using relaxation and meditative techniques; movement in order to promote a deeper physical awareness and to expand one’s capacity to feel and express emotions; breathing techniques to increase awareness of and improve functioning of the breath.

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Release the Grip of the Past

Listening to the messages of your body can lead us down the path of healing and growth.

Life Can Be Satisfying

Experience true and deep fulfillment.

Increase Intuition and Confidence

Trusting the messages of your body helps you tap into a brand new way of knowing and being.

Move Without Pain or Discomfort

Learn simple ways to ease chronic pain syndromes and disorders.

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Let Somatic Therapy Bring Your Body Back

1. Reach Out!

Set up a free consultation with me. Let’s connect in real-time.

2. Let’s Get to Work

Using the most current and effective treatment from the fields of somatic psychology, mindfulness, and neuroscience, we listen to and follow the wisdom of your own body.

3. Live Your Beautiful Life!

You emerge, free to live a life filled with meaning, satisfaction, and joy.

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