Deciding to have your child enter therapy is a decision not to be taken lightly! For starters, children are vulnerable due to their age and dependency on adults. The therapist you choose will have a great deal of influence over your child, and it is imperative that you feel 100% comfortable and reassured that he/she knows what they are doing, that your child feels safe and is interested in spending time with the therapist, and that you agree with the approach the therapist will take.

I've been working with children since my first internship experience in Colorado back in 1998. Here in California, my licensure internship was spent working with some of LA County's most at risk youth in a residential treatment setting in Altadena. And for the past few years I've had the honor to work with amazing families who are in the process of adopting foster children in LA County!  

In my private practice, I continue to work with children including pre-school and school-aged children having a difficult time in the classroom and at home, and teenagers who are struggling to get along and dealing with the very real problems of their generation including drug use, difficulty in school, relationship issues, eating disorders and more. 

My approach to working with children is to include the parents extensively. There are times when I actually work more with the parents than I do with the child! If a therapist indicates they will work solely with your child, walk away! It is imperative that you be involved. Children's issues are directly related to family, parenting style, and learning environment. Ignoring the "health" of these systems is akin to trying to get a smoker to breathe better without helping them quit smoking!

My work with children includes a mixture of approaches and theories including play therapy, attachment theory, neuro-development, art/music therapy, movement and dance, cognitive behavioral therapy, and family therapy. I find working with children and their families to be one of the most rewarding aspects of my job!